Aligning employee & employer expectations.

Date: November 25th, 2023

About the event

The world of work globally is being disrupted and Nigeria is not left out of the new realities we now see in the workplace. In the midst of the changes, organizations are grappling with new ways to attract, engage top talents and just generally get work done with minimal disruption to business continuity. An observable trend in Nigerian HR events space is the consistent focus on the issues shaping the practice whilst the larger workplace/organization is left out. Of greater concern is the disconnection to the economy as a whole and its significant impact on the workplace.

The Workplace Outlook is our attempt to close the gap by connecting contextual economic realities to the practice of HR and the organization as a whole. The programme will undertake a deep dive into prevailing realities in different sectors of the economy, forecasting emerging trends, challenges as well as opportunities in the coming year. Each edition will aim is to provide data-based insights and recommendations to watch out for in the Nigerian and Global Talent markets.


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